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Stows is a tyres garage that stocks a huge variety of branded tyres for all makes and models. Moreover, it provides a range of tyre services including wheel balancing. Do you feel that your tyres run rough? If you do, then you most probably need wheel balancing. So, eliminate all security risks today by having the best wheel balancing service in Essex.

Why does the car need wheel balancing?

Wheel balancing, as the name says, adjusts the tyre weight distribution. Tyres lose the balance with the passage of time and continuous riding. In addition to this, tread wear also disturbs the weight distribution across the vehicle. Hence, the imbalance occurs and this may lead to serious problems if remains unattended. Do you think that an unbalanced thing can go a long way? It surely cannot! So, extend the service life of your tyres by keeping them in perfect balance!

Signs of unbalanced tyres:

One of the most common signs of unbalanced tyres is vibrations. You may, therefore, feel your vehicle a bit shaky or sometimes nothing less than a roller coaster. However, imbalance is not the only reason behind vibrations, so an expert opinion would be needed! Secondly, you may find steering hard when vibrations are felt across the steering wheel. Furthermore, loosening of steering wheel and noise coming from tyres are some other signs. Last but not the least, uneven rotation and spinning of wheels exert higher pressure on certain parts of the tyre as compared to other parts. This uneven and rough movement requires more power, leading to more fuel usage.

Wheel balancing at Stow tyres:

At Stow Tyres we specialize in reducing your tyre wear, giving you better fuel mileage, improved handling from drifting tyres and a safer driving experience. Our expert technicians deliver nothing but excellence!
So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website to learn more about us. Check out the service and contact details. Give us a call on 01279441120 if you are looking for wheel balancing in Essex or request a call back. We make sure to respond our visitors promptly.Drop by our garage for an unparalleled level of tyre service!