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A lot of people usually overlook the importance of wheel alignment and end up causing themselves trouble. Wheels are as important as any other part of the car and require proper servicing. Therefore, Stows garage provide the best and the latest wheel alignment in Harlow for all makes and models. So, what are you waiting for? Do not delay anymore and check your wheels’ alignment today!

Why wheel alignment is important?

Wheel alignment ensures that wheels are perpendicular to road and parallel to each other. Technicians do this by adjusting the relative angles of the tyres. Moreover, they also check the caster, camber and toe measurements besides adjusting the rear and front tyres. Misaligned tyres exert uneven pressure on tyres, leading to uneven friction and increase in resistance. Therefore, engine works harder than how it normally does. The overload on engine requires over-consumption of fuel, leading to disturbed fuel economy. There are a number of benefits of wheel alignment. It reduces wear and tear. Secondly, it plays a role in improving fuel economy. In addition to this, wheel alignment ensures smooth driving experience by eliminating the wobbling and vibrations.

Signs of misaligned wheels:

  • You would observe that your car does not stay in a straight line; it pulls to one side. Hence, you may end up crossing over into other lanes.
  • Steering wheel may not seem centered in case of wheel misalignment. This makes handling the vehicle quite tough.
  • Another sign related to steering wheel can be its softness, sloppiness and loosening. Furthermore, steering wheel may also vibrate especially at high speeds.
  • You may observe a change in tread wear and depth. This is one of the most common signs that you should never ignore.

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