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Do you usually  drive on bumpy and rough roads? If you do, there is a possibility of frequent tyre punctures. Therefore, you may need a reliable puncture repair service. Stow tyres offer a range of branded and high-quality tyres along with tyre services. So, get in touch if you are looking for puncture repair in UK.

What causes puncture?

A puncture is a hole in tyre. Its size varies, depending upon its cause and intensity . The most common puncture is the one caused by any sharp object like nail or glass. Secondly, air leakage from tyre bead is another major cause of punctures. Moreover, over-punctured tyres go through extreme pressure and can result in blow-out.

Signs of puncture:

There are two types of punctures : slow and rapid. Slow punctures cause gradual deflation. Hence, one can easily identify the signs by inspecting the tyres. Rapid punctures mean that the tyre will quickly loose the air pressure. Therefore, rapid punctures donot let the car stay on roads and you will not be able to handle the car anymore!

Driver faces difficulty steering the car, when there is a puncture, because car feels like being pulled towards right or left. Hence, a damage to tyres can mostly be identified at initial stages. So, do look for these signs as a delay can end up causing you a heavy loss such as a blowout or an accident.

Puncture repair at Stow Tyres:

At Stow Tyres, the experts analyze the signs to identify the underlying problem. Then, suggest a solution accordingly. When it comes to punctures, not all punctures mean you need a new tyre. Technicians repair the tyres if puncture is in tread area only. In addition, punctures more than 16 inches apart can be fixed. On the contrary, tyres with big cuts or the puncture in shoulder or sidewall needs replacement.

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Does your tyre need some care and pampering? Are you looking for puncture repair in UK? Drop by our garage for a timely hassle-free service. Happy driving!